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Single-parent households experience 36% more income volatility than two-parent households.


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The Expanding Prosperity Impact Collaborative (EPIC) serves as a platform that connects and mobilizes a large network of individuals and organizations so that those involved in the EPIC process, and society as a whole, gain a more thorough understanding of the critical financial challenges that impact Americans across the country.

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2. What Do We Do?

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EPIC elevates new research and ideas by:

  • Leveraging the convening power of the Aspen Institute
  • Connecting new audiences with unconventional thinkers
  • Expanding reach through innovative digital surveys
  • Delivering fresh frameworks for government and industry to expand prosperity

3. What Is The EPIC Process?

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Watch the video...

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4. Who Is Involved In EPIC?

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We engage a cross-sector network of local and national experts and thought leaders, including academics, researchers, government officials, industry leaders, practitioners, consumers, consultants, and more. To ensure neutral, nonpartisan, and comprehensive analysis, we work with diverse leaders across the ideological and economic spectrum.

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5. How Are Issues Chosen?

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EPIC prides itself on following wherever the conversations and research lead -- and picking a new topic is no different. Through EPIC’s surveys, convenings, and events, we interact with a range of leaders who help us prioritize and shape future issues.

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6. How long is an issue-cycle?

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EPIC issue cycles vary in length. Some issues require more preliminary research, while other issues require more convening and communication to build momentum. We wrap up an issue cycle when we feel it has gained traction in the field and there is leadership to develop and implement solutions that match the financial challenge EPIC has elevated.

7. What Work Does EPIC Produce?

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We produce issue briefs, videos, infographics and detailed reports that:

  • Synthesize and translate research
  • Identify gaps in evidence
  • Focus attention on misunderstood or overlooked challenges
  • Forge consensus for solutions in the public and private sectors

8. Why do you switch issues?

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There are many significant financial challenges facing American households that deserve thorough investigation and can be significantly advanced through the EPIC process. Over time, EPIC will build a portfolio of issues that will help leaders understand the interrelated nature of the financial challenges Americans are facing. Our hope is that, as a result, leaders will come to realize the need for comprehensive, inclusive policy and market solutions.

9. What happens to old issues?

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An enormous amount of energy, resources, and time is devoted to all of EPIC’s issues. During a given cycle, we communicate with over a hundred individuals and organizations, and produce a variety of content, including but not limited to issue briefs, videos, infographics, and reports. All of this content can be found on this site, and we hope that this work can serve as a resource for those hoping to learn more and take leadership on those financial challenges.

10. How do I get involved?

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At EPIC, we are eager to broaden our network. In particular, EPIC would like to connect with researchers with new data to share, practitioners doing innovative work in the field, industry leaders with innovative products and insights, consumers willing to share experiences, and others. Fill out our Get Involved form and we’ll be in touch.

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11. How Is EPIC Funded?

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EPIC is supported by our seed funder, JP Morgan Chase & Co., as well as the Ford Foundation, MetLife Foundation, the W.K. Kellogg Foundation, the Annie E. Casey Foundation, and by the Aspen Institute Financial Security Program’s other core funders.


Your input and participation helps ensure that we have a level of dialogue and knowledge synthesis that is thorough and goes beyond usual sound bites.


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EPIC is an initiative of the Aspen Institute's Financial Security Program.


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